Wednesday, November 22, 2017

What's New

I had a little brain child in the middle of the night a few weeks ago. Does this happen to anyone else? Your sleeping soundly and a little idea begins to form. It grows until it wakes you begging for attention. Then you spend the rest of the night nursing it. I don't know why these ideas can't come at more reasonable hours. But just like my children they think they need to be born in the middle of the night. 
 This idea came just before our last boutique. It said it would be a great idea to spend the next few days making cute little drawstring bags and terry cloth bath mitts. That they would make great gift and sell well. Which fortunately they did. I'd been a little upset if I'd lost sleep and had nothing to show for it. Yes I do love my sleep.
 I decided to do two different gift bags. One with three mini sampler bars and the other with two full sized bars. I've made a few more bags and have added them to my Etsy Shop.
 I've also been working on my pineapple blocks.  I keep ending up with these little bits. They are too cute to throw away so I had to come up with a home for them in these little rail fence blocks.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Moving It Forward

Monday's here and it's time to share what we've been moving forward in our sewing rooms.

I had a little excitement while pulling these scraps. I was sitting happily on the ground with my scrap bin and a laundry basket. (My preferred container when sorting scraps.) When one of my backing bins slipped from it's place under my cutting table and slid onto my foot pedal for my sewing machine. My machine was screaming. Trying to unfold myself and get up to stop the chaos I'm sure was quite a sight. My son came running afraid I had hurt myself. Apparently I had joined my machine in the screaming.  
 Finally I was able to dislodge the bin and all order was restored. Well, as much order as can be expected in my sewing room. And I went back to sorting my scraps.  These blocks were my original idea for these scraps.
 But I found I had larger light pieces and smaller dark pieces while cutting into my scraps. So I thought I would just reverse the darks and lights
 But I'm not sure I'm thrilled with the snowball style dark block. I might have to play with it for a while once I get a few more blocks made. I'm not sewing the darker ones together yet, so I can do a little more experimenting.
Now it's your turn to share your progress. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've been up to.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Merriment and a Winner

Do you remember these cute little blocks I was making for my newest Christmas quilt? Well they are all sewn together, have borders added and Tuesday I basted my quilt. I spent the next couple of days quilting it. I always think I can do that faster than I can. I quilted holly leaves and ribbons through it. In addition to getting this quilted I was hoping to get it bound and some more scraps cut for another quilt. Yes I always have such high hopes for productivity.
 I did get it bound after two days of quilting. Yes I am a poky machine quilter. But I can get that binding on in no time.
 Now my little Christmas quilt is all done. A week before Thanksgiving, so happy about that. Now we will be able to enjoy it this holiday.
I like the alternate pattern the blocks create. I think it looks like a jumble of Christmas packages. I'm calling this little Christmas throw Merriment. You can find the pattern in my Etsy shop.

Now as promised I need to pick a winner for last weeks giveaway. Thank you everyone for your great response. The random number generator picked #22. So Loris you are our lucky winner. So happy for you! If you will send me your snail mail address I'll get your magazine out to you.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Moving it Forward

This cute little stack of ready to sew pieces was made quick work by my Accuquilt Go.
First I dove into my giant bin of unsorted scraps. I had a large chunk of lovely lavender so I was looking for fabrics that would go with it. So my guidelines as I sorted was any light blue, yellow, peach, pink and purple that was at least 3 1/2' x 6 1/2" big. I ended up with quite a pile.
Next I pressed those pieces and using my rail fence die from my 12" block cube I cut about 200 rectangles. Next I found the center of one of those solid rectangles and cut through it at a 45* angle. I used this piece for my template and cut the rest of rectangles. Now one bin is ready for the Quilty Hug sew in. Can you guess which quilt from last Wednesday's post it will be?
I also pulled scraps for another quilt. I borrowed my neighbor's 5" square die while she borrowed my 2 1/2" strip die. It's nice that we both have Go's and can share dies. I'll share my other scrap quilt plans once I get the rest of my pieces cut. For now please link up and share what you are moving forward.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Nine Patch Stretch

You may recall back in April I showed a few of these blocks. Well after what seemed like forever, I am finally able to show you what they became.
String blocks, nine patches and a log cabin variation combined to make this fun scrap quilt.
Oh, how I love scraps and when they come together into a quilt my heart just sings.
Do you have an overflowing scrap bin? Are you looking for another project? Well you can find the pattern to this one in the newest Easy Quilts magazine. 
I have an extra for one lucky reader. Leave a comment for a chance to win. Oh and one more thing. Did you know? Craftsy is having a sale on their classes.  So if there is something you've been wanting to learn now is a great time. I've enjoyed my weaving and knitting classes through them. It's great I can go back and watch the class again and again. So if I forget what I learned I have it at my finger tips and it's never lost.
Wanna take a class

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Going on a Treasure Hunt

We had our Quilty Hug sew in yesterday. We have a couple of flimsy, that I will show when they are complete. Getting to the flimsy stage means I have a few project boxes in need of filling so we will be ready for the next sew in. So I went on a treasure hunt yesterday afternoon. The treasure I seek?  Scrap friendly quilt to turn into more Quilty hugs. 

Fist I found this one on pinterest. When I followed the link I couldn't find the exact quilt but like it.
Then I found this one.  Don't think we will be doing the cute applique but the scrappy weave will still make a cute quilt.
We have lots of strips and while we just finished a scrappy log cabin quilt. I think these quarter log cabins are very cute. 
I also liked this one. I think we have enough charms that we could easily get this on under way. 
Now to make my final choices and get those project boxes filled. 

Monday, November 6, 2017

Painted Gardern

My hubby has said, 'I don't know what your favorite color is but I know you like bright colors.' He is spot on. Bright bold colors speak to me. I  my opinion you can never have enough color. So when I saw Crystal Manning's Painted Garden for Moda I feel in love. 
 I took a layer cake and cut it into strips to mix and match.
 So far I have these little raised flower beds, each with pretty rows of colorful flora.
Now it's your turn. What fabrics have you fallen in love with this week? What project has you tip toeing through tulips? Link up and share. We'd love to look at what you are growing.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Rhythm & Blues

I am pretty eclectic when it comes to my music choice. There are very few genres that I don't like. When my friends come to sew they comment on it. They can't believe the variety that plays while we sew. Everything from Broadway show stoppers to Country. Throw in a little R&B, jazz, big band, and indie, well you get the idea. I like music. 

I'm also the mother of three 20 something boys. One of which is a drummer in a blues band. So when I saw the new batik line Yuki by Debbie Maddy for Moda I instantly had knew I had to do something with it.
I played around with the majestic mountain block,one of my favorites to play with. After setting it running diagonal through my quilt. I added a chain block with varying sizes of squares and my Rhythm & Blues quilt was born. 
I think my little drummer boy will like it.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A Sampling

All my chaining stitching has paid off. I now have this lovely little pile of blocks for my next Christmas quilt. Have I told you how much I love this new line. It's so cheery. Perfect for a little holiday cheer.
 In addition to making cheerful Christmas blocks I've been getting ready for our upcoming holiday boutique. I've made Evergreen soap scented with juniper, cedar, and fir.
 I had to make another batch of lavender/sage. I think the swirl turned out nice.
 This one I'm calling Artic blast. It is scented with peppermint, cinnamon, clove, and lemongrass. It smells cool and fresh.
 In addition to my full size bars I've been busy making mini bars for our samplers. We do these in two sizes. A full sampler is your choice of six bars and come in a nice gift box. You can see it on the side bar.
Our mini sampler is your choice of three mini bars and comes in this cute little stack. 
Both make great gifts, party favors, or stocking stuffers.  You can find our all natural soaps in our Etsy Shop.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Moving It Forward

Christmas will be here before we know it and it's always fun to have a Christmas throw to snuggle under. I think it helps make all those Christmas dreams come true.  Moda has this cute new line coming out. It was premiered at market this last weekend. It is called Vintage Holiday by Bonnie and Camille. I love how bright and happy it is.  This perfect combination of cute fabric, approaching holidays and needing a good snuggling quilt I got busy and cut one out. 
Then I had fun chaining the pieces through my machine. 
Hope to show more progress on my new Christmas quilt next week. For now it's your turn. What fun things are you moving forward?

Friday, October 27, 2017

Fall Finishes

You may remember back in September I had a cute group of 12-13 year old girls come and sew with me. They wanted to do a service project and thought making a Quilty Hug would be fun. It was a delightful evening and they created this cute little quilt. Each girl sewed a row. 
Because I didn't have enough machines to have all the girls sewing at one time I had grabbed a giant scrap bin and my Go! Cutter. When the girls were not sewing they were busy pressing and running scraps through the Go! This scrappy quilt is the result of all that cutting.
 On Wednesday they will have their Young Women in Excellence night. I really wanted to have the quilts they helped with ready for them to display before I gave them away. So happy I was able to squeeze out enough time to get them quilted and bound. Now they will be able to share with their parents what they were able to learn and do and see in what a great job they did.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

What's Your Favorite Pre-Cut?

For someone who is not fond of cutting, pre-cuts are a godsend. I love that I get a bit of every fabric in a line without having to buy yardage of each pretty fabric. I don't mind when I have leftovers. As a scrap quilter they make wonderful additions to a scrap bin. 
Even before pre-cuts were bin I loved the Nickel Quilt books. My guild did a nickel exchange and then we all made quilts from these books. It was a lot of fun. Having the books makes for great eye candy and is a great way to use leftover charm squares.
Nickel Quilts
Big Book of Nickel Quilts
 Making Majestic Mountain blocks from layer cakes squares is one of my favorite things to do with a layer cake. This little quilt is one I did just that with. 
A Little High A Little Low
This was another play on the majestic mountain block I did with a layer cake.
Jellyrolls are also fun and there are so many possibilities.  Here are just a few.
Bloomin' Peaks
Pharaoh's Pyramids 

 What is your favorite pre-cut. What do you like to make with it? Or do you like to just collect them? Craftys has a great selection of pre-cuts just in case you want to stock up.Craftsy Logo

Monday, October 23, 2017

Moving It Forward

Lots of sewing going on but not a lot I can share. I did get my pile of quilts basted from last week. I'm slowly working my way through the quilting of that stack.  I'm hoping to have the ones the young women made quilted and bond by the 1st of November. You can see their quilts here and here. This is a special night for them to celebrate the good things they are doing, new skills they have learned, and the goals they have accomplished through the year. 
 In addition to quilting my pile I've been making another man quilt. Here is a little sneak peek. I'm calling it Rhythm and Blues.
Now the fun part of this post. What you've been up to. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Link up and share so we can celebrate with you.